Most of us are looking for less stress in our busy lives. Check out these 5 beneficial ways to “stress eat”…

Most of us want less stress in our busy lives.  Check out these 5 beneficial ways to “stress eat”:

1. Reduce the “core four”:  1. sugar, 2. dairy, 3. gluten, and 4. high omega 6 oils (found in processed foods) for a healthier gut.  A strong gut/brain connection links food to mental health.  Increase nutrient-rich oysters, mood-boosting green salads, wild seafood, fresh herbs & cruciferous veggies (i.e. broccoli, cauliflower).

2. Top up your magnesium:  Magnesiumessential to over 300 functions in our body, is a common deficiency.  This calming mineral alleviates anxiety, and as a bonus, the glycinate form helps you sleep!  

3. Try a B-complex vitamin as an all-star mood booster:  Folate (leafy greens, liver, legumes) is critical for mental health. And B-12, found in meat, eggs, and seafood, also boosts “happiness” neurotransmitters.

4. Zen out with L-theanine:  L-theaninean amino acidin green tea, effectively stimulates brain-calming activity. For a caffeine-free option, L-theanine (200 mg taken twice daily), is like “meditation in a capsule”.

5. Dial up the adaptogen:  Ashwagandha provides a natural way to regulate the body’s responses to stress. A study found it reduced anxiety by 44%!  Take it in a morning smoothie, or in an herbal blend with other calming adaptogens like rhodiola and reishi mushroom.

Small, conscious upgrades in nutrition become restorative over time. 
5 beneficial ways to “stress eat”…

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