Did you know your brain uses one-fifth of your body’s energy?  Here are six brain-boosting ideas for loving on this amazing organ:

1. Foods high in polyphenols protect your brain from stress…get them from blueberries, green tea, colourful veggies and dark chocolate (yes!). 

2. Fuel your brain (which is 60% fat) with beneficial fat from olives, avocados, nuts, and choline-rich eggs.

3. Brain-enhance with Omega 3’s:  Seaweed, algae (such as spirulina, chlorella) and cold-water fish are excellent sources of this dietary fat.  

4. Take vitamin D for mood and higher cognition. The D3 form elevates vitamin D in the blood almost twice as much as D2.

5. Cook using turmeric, rich in neuron-boosting turmerone and anti-inflammatory curcumin, with pepper to increase its absorption.  

6. Try Lion’s Mane Mushroom which is a powerhouse for your brain’s neurons. Add ½ tsp of Organic Lion’s Mane powder to a daily protein shake for a mental lift!

Restorative sleep, consistent exercise and catching up with positive friends, along with these brain nutrients, will provide your brain with the love it deserves! 

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