Light is not your typical nutrient.  However optimal light exposure is proven to upgrade your wellness.  For starters, getting more natural light in your day is free medicine!   An emerging way to up-level your health is photobiomodulation. Supplementing with red and NIR (near infrared) light will:

boost mitochondria (your energy powerhouses)
– increase muscle mass to maximize workouts
– reduce inflammation/stress for injury recovery
– enhance cellular respiration for glowing skin
– heal damaged tissues and support mental acuity

Recent studies have shown that red and NIR light could even reduce the lethality of COVID-19

I love to multitask with my IR/NIR device while meditating or listening to a Peter Crone podcast or workshop.  How does light factor into your wellness routines? 

Remember managing your blue-light exposure (using f.lux, blue-light blockers, amber or red bulbs and reducing screens after sundown) is also powerful for your health. This preventative approach will enhance melatonin production so you can enjoy blissful slumber.  

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