I’ve met with women who feel they’ve fallen short of their health, energy, fitness or weight goals and wonder what they can do differently.  If you can relate, here’s some inspiration to help you realize your dreams in 2022.
1.  Get super clear on what you want, your why and how you plan to achieve it.  Write goals out in detail, as your future self who has achieved exactly what she wants.  Bonus tip: Journal these goal(s) daily to stack the deck in your favour.
2.  Start small and build…If you’re really struggling with change, what is the tiniest tweak you can consistently stick with to move you towards your goal? For example hydrating with a glass of water upon waking for weight loss, or starting the day with a one-minute, focus on breath for stress management.
3.  Act “as if”. What would the person with that health outcome do?  If you want to start walking in the morning but struggle to emerge from your cosy duvet…think to yourself, “what would my future energized self do?”  Then visualize how virtuous and great you will feel after the walk.
4.  Celebrate wins.  As you’re progressing toward lower anxiety, improved self-talk, ditching the excess weight, etc., love on yourself for small wins along the way.  Celebrate how far you’ve come rather than how far you think there is to go.
5.  Figure out new ways of reaching your goals that will overcome potential blindspots.  Trying to improve sleep? Tracking the links between late night eating or screens before bed to 2 pm wake-ups may help you realize a different pre-bedtime routine.
6. You are extraordinary – remind yourself. Our minds resist change.  Every time negative self-talk pops up along your path, you could derail the thought by saying a reminder word like “change!”. Then get really present with whatever you’re doing at the time.  
7.  My final suggestion is you don’t have to do it alone.  “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results”  Once you’ve decided, tell a friend/family member to help yourself stay on track.  Or find accountability in our upcoming Radiant Reset Integrative this January, a group filled with motivation, knowledge, inspiration, love and the support to move you in the direction of your dreams.

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