Hi...I'm Paige


Many women haven't uncovered what's possible for vibrant health.  I'm passionate about sharing food and lifestyle shifts "outside of the norm" to help you attain lasting wellness.

Why Work With Me

I'll help you ditch the food war and deprivation and instead empower you with a nourishing, delicious, and exciting new approach to your plate.

About Me

Certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am well-versed in multiple dietary theories and wellness modalities.  Each of us are unique with our own individual approaches to food and everyday life.  When coaching together we arrive at a personalized, optimal path to achieving results.

Formerly in banking, I lived the balancing act between wellness and working in corporate while embracing being a mom.  Now I live to share nutrition and wellness approaches for women to integrate and up-level their health.  I continually learn about new research in the health and wellness space to elevate those around me.

What Others Are Saying

"You must start working with Paige...

who is very knowledgeable, a great listener and really cares about her clients.  I have lost 14 lbs.  I have more energy, less cravings and have improved my mood Thank-you so much for helping me to become a healthier, happier version of myself.” 


My Fast Five...

  • PERFECT MORNING: Awakening to 2+ hours of both deep & REM sleep showing on my Oura Ring; Journalling & meditation with infrared light; A good sweat sesh & cold shower;  A vanilla coconut milk matcha latte outdoors.
  • PASSIONS:  Apart from quality time with our three kids, working with brilliant women who elevate themselves to having an easier, healthier lifestyle of joy and freedom. 
  • FAVOURITE MEAL TO DRINK:  Smoothies with at least one thing I can’t pronounce like acai, ashwagandha, psyllium husk, moringa, urolithin A.
  • WHAT I EAT:  Delicious, flavourful meals and snacks filled with whole foods that are the ingredient rather than made up of a list of them.  Avoiding foods that are inflammatory to my body. 
  • VACATION OF CHOICE:  Any scenic location spent mostly outdoors with loved ones eating delicious, fresh meals while not waiting on (or cleaning up after!) 4 other people.

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