Enjoy your simplified path to better health.

Free yourself with a nutritional and lifestyle approach that reverses unhealthy symptoms, and ends your war with food.

Awaken your More joyful, healthier self. 

What you’ve been doing for your health lately isn’t working for you.  What gives?  Maybe you’re eating and exercising the same way you have in the past, but things have shifted.  Or you have changed what you eat and your lifestyle but you’re not getting the results you desire.  You don’t have to do it alone.  I’m here to help you awaken your health in an enjoyable way that fits into your life.  Together, lets optimize your body and health for lasting wellness.

One-on-one Coaching

Radiant Wellness Coaching optimizes your health in the pillars of sleep, nutrition, mindfulness & lifestyle.  Bi-weekly, results-oriented coaching sessions with accountability and motivation will move you toward achieving your unique wellness priorities in a lasting way.

Radiant Reset Program

Feel better, without deprivation, and elevate to a new version of yourself in four weeks with a guided, personalized reset. Reach your health goals and leave with a lasting nutrition & lifestyle plan that works with your own biology.

I would recommend Paige to anyone who is looking for a healthy mind and lifestyle.

I started Paige’s coaching program in mid-January with the goal of feeling better and losing weight. After the Radiant Reset I lost 14 pounds.  Overall, I’m feeling great! My sleep and energy-levels are better, and I have fewer cravings. Thanks to Paige I’m happy with my new way of healthy living.


Fuel your body energetically and emotionally.

Its time to prioritize yourself.  Uncover what's possible in your wellness journey with a compassionate health coach.

Approach Food Choices with Confidence

Elevate eating patterns to feel energized and reduce unhealthy food cravings.

Upgrade Your Sleep Quality

Sleep soundly and awaken refreshed to hop off the emotional rollercoaster and experience more joy.

Enjoy Positive Body Shifts

Improve your body composition using nutrition and mindset. Boost your immunity for lasting wellness.

Commit to Simple Healthy Disciplines

Upgrade with easy routines to experience a whole lifestyle shift & become your best YOU!

What My Clients Say


Struggling with an ongoing injury, I reached out to Paige...we decided to focus on sleep, nutrition and managing stress.   Paige is professional, very knowledgeable (especially about nutrition) and a GREAT motivator, not least due to her positive attitude.  If you are trying to make changes to your lifestyle, I would not hesitate in recommending Paige!


You must start working with Paige... she's very knowledgeable, a great listener and really cares.  I have almost completed the Radiant Reset program. I have lost 14 lbs. have more energy, less cravings and I improved my mood. I can confidently say that Paige has changed my life.   Thank-you so much for helping me to become a healthier, happier version of myself.


Paige is kind, caring, genuine, generous and knowledgeable.  I have a much greater understanding and appreciation for honouring my mind and body during the different hormonal times of a cycle.  I recommend Paige to anyone who wants to delve deeper into how to support their body and mind, not only nutritionally but also with daily practices like tapping and yoga.  I'm very grateful for our time together.

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